The Mystery of Reality

Why do we wonder about the things that live apart from us?
Aliens, Galaxies, Planets, the Universe, the things that can call.
The world we live in, this wonderful place, we learn about and thus.
Reality contains all of it, and we don’t think about it at all.

What holds it all together? Are there people outside the ball?
What do they see and know about us? Are we even real at all?
Do they see inside us in an orb at all? Do they see us as a movie?
Do they even do the things we do? Do they see us all as beauty?

If there is an orb but no people, where does the orb sit?
On a pedestal, in a glass case, is it laying in a pit?
If we exist inside an orb, what happens if it falls?
Will we begin to cease and become deceased and not make sense of it all?

Or will we finally escape from our magical prison and appear after the fall?
Look and fear this different place and find our homes shattered.
Explore and find there is no one here, so we take this as a call.
We build, we find, we overcome the scenario which we have gathered.

Maybe there is nothing out there, instead it’s in our entertainment.
Games, books, movies, and shows, all just trying to fulfill their destiny.
It could be just us, there could be others.
This is the mystery of our reality.

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This Poems Story

This poem is a glimpse of what I think about a lot of the time. I spend a lot of time questioning unexplained events. Reality is just something I thought of in the study hall.