The Myth

Just like the time of the many gods ' ancient and forgotten
Your existence too has become a legend of make belief
A myth told over the ages - you have now become an illusion
I take upon the challenge to search for what may not exist

My engine runs strong ' I will not be tied
Building a bridge where I need to on this one track mind
The heart being a muscle , can and will endure any exercise
Having the patience to seek what I may never find

The wheel of time turns only going in one direction
Leaving yesterday with a possibility of what is yet to come
Deep down I can feel a presence worth waiting
Understanding the risk I'm taking if I'm wrong

I saw those pair of eyes again distant in my dream
Frozen by the piercing stare that keeps reminding me
Ages I will search - for those eyes I may never see
Haunted by imagination of the possibility

Pandora's box was said to give man Hope , so hey it could happen
I carry that within and know alone is not my fate
I do not seek my heart to be completed but to be complemented
If it takes forever I will wait

You are my ultimate desire - You are my soulmate.

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