The Name of the Game

If you've got the intention to succeed in life.
To boldly scratch that desire itch causing you enough strife.
That itchier itchiest itch that just won't give.
When it's all about survival, the will to live.

It's a simple minor thing when it comes down to money.
What it boils down to just ain't that funny.
Failure is never on the books of perspective,
...Nor the day's outlook.
To live a lively alive life,
...With all the gains that you took.

Every rich luxury in life is available to you on call.
You be the brain that buys other brains,
Just purchase the attention of them all.
That's if you want to conquer
A chore that you just can't handle.
With a little bit of minor conscience,
Just pay somebody else to take the fall.

Private family, public stranger, professional friends,
Be the personalities that be the means to your ends.
So don't preach brain-washed
Religious philosophy or moral rules,
Because concerning nation state laws,...
That's just a minor tidbit for ethical philosophy fools.

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