The Nation’s Corner Stone

'In the temple, as in the hearts of the people for whom he saved the Union, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.' - Royal Cortissoz

I, president number sixteen,
Was crusading for a cause engulfing a nation.
Now I am set in ivory marble. Pristine.
Stared at by flocks in adoration.
My hands clenched, my eyes glazed,
Stuck in stone, watching my country
Led by mortals who seek power. Unfazed.
Yet alone, I attempt to stand tall.
Once monumental and striving for equality,
Now a monument, encompassed by boys in suits
Who are governed by frivolity.

To president number seventeen,
You witnessed my ruination, yet did not learn.
Too soon did we reconvene;
My views and legacy you chose to spurn.
I watched, in silence, as you took my place
And then watched as you were impeached,
Undoing my tenet with such quick pace.
Now from history's face, you have been bleached.

Now I speak to president number forty-four,
A potent man after my own heart.
Your presidency stood for so much more.
Our country will mourn as you depart.
Representing a minority, clandestine history's amended.
You were a defender of many. The keys to an empire you controlled:
Our states more united than ever. For that you are commended.

Now my alabaster heart is growing evermore cold.

I watch now from my unyielding throne,
As president number forty-five begins his despotism.
If I were free from these impenetrable bonds,
I would hang my face in shame.
All headway has been lost.
A wall you proclaim? I shudder at the thought.
Now carved upon your people's hearts,
A new inscription endures:

'Omne periit spes'.

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