“The Nature for the Future”

One may say the world will end,
But the world’s cracks can mend.
Large it is a billion people and more will still fit,
But a couple years are all it takes, most will not admit.
Nature is not for attacking, but for people to defend.

The sun will start to hide, and flowers will decay.
Debris will fill the land, turning lakes gray.
What once was a majestic deer will be a rotting corpse,
Deserted and bleak will be the once-bustling thorpes.
The remaining people shall be in dismay.

But all could change if the people saw,
And fixed their problems and their flaws.
The future could be fixed and made bright,
Without the need to be in fright.
Abiding with nature’s law.

All it takes is one helping hand,
And the rest will take a stand.
One loud voice to tell all the world’s people,
For the protection of nature’s seagull and eagle,
And the freedom of nature’s land.

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