The neem tree

For years i watched this neem tree,
closed to the road side,
like a tender loving lady,
the people used her leaves,
for any urgent herbal treatment,
and praised her about the magical healings,
the bulbul birds rested on her branches,
chirping joyfully.
her cool breeze is blissful,
in the hottest midnoon,
the tree was there from my childhood days,
now i am a middle aged women,
i am witnessing the sad news now,
someone is cutting the tree,
some times human mind is so cruel,
they never think about the birds,
the squirrels and crows,
all are depending this tree,
what a heartbreaking story?
why we are so careless?
the homosapiens are so greedy?
its a curse to our mother earth,
we utilised without anything left,
no one is bothered about a tree,
and the intellectual pride of homosapiens,
showing vanity,
believing they are open minded,
some one is hearing the voice of treegod
in intuition,
why the homosapiens are so heartless!

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cutting the tree