The Never-Ending Regret

I see myself in the mirror
I look up and down with guilt and fear
Guilt from regrets
Fear of never being loved
I slowly slide down the corner looking up for help from above
Grabbing the blade in such slow motion
Hearing a whisper clearly say;
"It will stop all the commotion"
I slam the blade to my wrist
I clench my hand into a fist
Taking one last minute to embrace
As I Watch my skin separate
I see my blood solely flow
my body is feeling oh so cold
And feel the numbness began to take hold
Sitting on the bathroom floor
Bleeding out to weak to crawl to the door
Than the door opens its my mother walking in
And screams that chilling scream and once more again
I try to tell her; I love her so much
But as I open mouth I feel the deadly rush
My body is shutting down ,

Life flashing as if im on a marry-go-round
As my eyes slowly close
I Hold on tight before my soul goes
I see a brightness infont of me
Walking Into the light setting my spirit free

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