The Neverending Sea of Life

Life is a sea,
it flows and changes to your path
each ripple is different,
with its own unique touch.
The sea follows a pattern that you chose.
It grows rough when life gets hard,
then slowly calms in the peaceful moments of your years.
The sea of life cannot serve one person forever,
so it simply beats its last ripple, moves to a new life,
and starts the never-ending sea of life again.

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This Poems Story

I am a high school junior who loves to write. When I write, I feel something that I don't feel doing anything else. I don't have a particular writing syle. I really love to write about things that are not topic specific so I can really express my creativity and show or explain an emotion. I like to take events in life that most people may overlook and give them a different perspective. My dream for myself is to write poetry professionally and I know this is a good start. Thank you for reading my poem. Look for more soon.