The New Me

Here I am saying goodbye to the life I used to know.

These past couple years have been extremely hard on me,
I've been through hurt and put in pain for only me to see
It started when I met him, but at first our love was strong,
We depended on each other, and that's where we went wrong
We needed one another just too simply live the day,
I spent more time with him, and that's when I met Mary Jane.
the way that he would hurt me made me feel insecure,
Then I realized that Mary Jane made it easier to endure
I started loving her because we had each other's backs,
Just a single hit and I could easily relax
Little did I know that I would soon become addicted,
I knew I had to stop, but I was just too conflicted
I smoked to get away from everything that I was hiding,
My high didn't last long, and I was getting tired of fighting
One day I saw a bottle full of different kinds of pills,
What's the harm in taking them if it's all just for the thrill?
I don't remember much from then, that day was just a blur,
Until I woke up in the hospital and my words were very slurred
It was then that I decided that something had to change,
Not only did I leave him, but I left old Mary Jane
I'm much better off without them; they were just bringing me down,
the life that I will live now is much better than it sounds
I see a future and a leader deep inside of me,
And I can't wait to see all of the things I will achieve

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