The New Millenium

The millennium by Jocelyn Sorensen
I look across the horizon
and step into the sun
I close my eyes and ponder for my journey has just begun

I feel my feet beneath me
Leave the ground below
The landscape around me changes
It's not the place I know

Fire engulfs the mountains and spreads across the lands
I see a person crying and reaching for my hands

I know I cannot help them
And yet my heart hurts so
To see so many people dying
But still I have to go

The fire ceases burning
No noise is to be heard
The world is dark and cold
Then comes a single word

Return! A voice calls out
I've cleansed the earth anew
Rejoice with me today
for all I say is true

It's time to say goodbye
To all that you once knew
And say hello to the world
That I have made for you

A vivid light surrounds me
And pierces through the cold
It changes all the darkness into something beautiful and bold

Our second chance has come
He's sparred my life and yours
No longer is there contention
Or fear of any wars

I have to end my story
For soon you'll know the rest
He's given us a purpose
For the journey is our test

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This Poems Story

This poem I wrote is a mix of my belief in a life after death and a belief of mine similar to the rapture. A concept that a lot of Christians believe in.