The nice guy

Why am I a nice guy.
Is it wrong to be the nice guy.
I like being the nice guy.
It isn't fun being mean.
But for some reason.
The girls like the bad guy.

For I am a nice guy.
I am a gentleman to all lady's.
I'll open the door and hold it for them.
I bring a girl flowers when we go out.
I enjoy to cook for beautiful women.
I am honest and loyal to a fault.

I don't like it when a girls cry.
Do my best to cheer her up.
If she need a massage I'll be there.
When she has a bad day.
I'll be there for her.
For I'm the nice guy.

The thing is the girls want the bad guy.
Why is that? I don't know.
For girls want the bad guy.
They think he more fun.
So the nice guy finishes last.

I will always be the nice guy.
For I know it is the what I am.
So I'll keep looking for her.
For the girl who want the nice guy.
I'll find her one day.

Shaun D. Weller

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