The Night

At night the stars talk
The moon yells
The dark takes over
The shadows disappear
The loneliness mixed with emptiness fills a broken soul
The fears and tears collide
Bringing out the demons who will fill you up with filthy lies
The midnight sky is someones worst nightmare
The people around you they stare
Not knowing a thing about you
All the whispers and screams you hear when you are alone
and in the dark
Leaves you not sleeping at night
The war going on in your head
With the demons who are no longer alive but dead
They seem so real but no one else can see them
You feel so fed up and crazy but either way they would not go away
It is so hard to stay strong and try to defeat them
So afraid to wake up in the morning
All because you know eventually night will come around again
Afraid someone will be able to read your mind because
they would find out what kind of psychotic human you have become
Only in the night the demons come around
You cannot sleep at night because of all the sounds they make
Screaming in your ear yelling
"Oh dear dear how pathetic you are with all your dumb
little fears come with me and I will make the pain go away
you are just one little step away"
Shut your eyes and enter a fantasy
Escape reality because it is just too hard for me to handle.

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