It was the night that I told you that I was ready. When I told you that I wanted to be yours that I was for sure and ready to take this relationship to the next step . I never dream that it would be so much love between you and me. The Way You Make Me Feel I never felt that way again. I thought that I did but it was my mind playing tricks on me. Thinking that I was ready to move on from you when I wasn't. I still remember that night so will how I laid in your arms and how I knew I didn't want anyone else. That night I play over and over in my head sometimes thinking about that night I drift off and go to bed. Oh how I wish I can have that back again. When you looked me in my eyes and said that I was yours and you were mine that we were supposed to be together for all times. That night your body pressed up against mine how close my eyes and then you still mine. Sometimes thinking about that night gets the best of me because it only lets me remember what can never be. That night I always will remember that night where I fell in love not what you did to me or what I did to you. It was all because of how I Was So Into You and you with me. Two Lovers making one's night not a one night stand something that was worth more then what words can say or what you can understand. The night I never will forget I told you I was ready to go to the next step. That night I never will forget after all this time I still can't forget.

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This one was about two people becoming one. Remembering their first night together. Some things you can never forget if it's there to your heart something that is worth more to you than anything I memory memories are worth more than any words can say because you can always relieve them over and over in your mind. If they are passionate you never will forget