The Night And Nightingale

The Night And Nightingale

That night was errand and the darkness was so much deep
Keeping quite I walked down the woods where the noise was certainly asleep.
The dark might turn Black a coat of a white sleepy sheep
Climbing slowly into my ears was a sound coming from those huge trunky trees.
Might be “The Dark Beauty ” was yet to asleep
Kind be her charming voice which was pumping life in that deadly night so creep.
The voice could be compared to the gifts from god’s loving soul
Further I moved and what I encountered was my endless journey more.
Her pleasing songs hold me to stay there as forever as I could
Like the real peace of a winter night as being enjoyed by those standing woods.
Mingling all the happenings somewhere I came upon a conclusion
That nothing in this world could be compared to The Voice Of Her Seclusion.
In a sudden my watch’s alarm was awake
As if it was reminding about my pending works before my footprints would fade.
The other nights I never heard her voice again
But still love the game where the Nature wins but I fail.

Written by : Ashish Dutt
Ashish Dutt.

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