The Night Eye

By Da Poet   

I sit watching the night eye,
as it appears to be watching me,
high above the clouds where all can see.

At times cloaking itself by cloud cover as it disappears,
within seconds, a minute, sometimes within an hour it seems so near.
Casting it’s shadow against the midnight window in the sky,
shining it’s neon light way upon high.

It’s light will never blind you as you gaze in mystery,
wondering how it can just sit there affixed,
still as still can be?

Who needs a lighthouse as it’s beam stretches far and wide,
no clandestine cover for an unrighteous person to hide?
It comes in various flavors orange, vanilla, cherry,
and once in awhile bloodshot red.

And I’ve heard many stories that,
at time it messes with your head?

A settle calming light which can often set the mood,
reaches far beyond the eye can see nourishes the sky like it were food.
Crimson tide drive the waves beneath a cherry moon,
gentle light within the sky make space where ever you have room.


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