The Nightjar

I heard the call of an old, familiar nightjar but I instinctively turned up the volume on the television.
Cooing from a bird I haven't heard since childhood, but I was annoyed and made an impromptu decision.
A choice that I regret, but as an adult I often forget.
I now wish I would've listened to his simple serenade.
But I stayed seated inside my room, my own barricade.
I lay in bed that night recollecting until the dawns early light.
My memory vault had drawn me way down deep,
And it unlocked a few of my best memories that it keeps.
Crisp, red Autumn leaves, my cousin Justin and I climbing up trees, and all of us grandkids playing with Grandmas water hose.
Chocolate oatmeal bars, storybooks, and "Hot Wheels" cars.
Waking up and eating Cheerios.
"Super Mario" on the nintendo, shooting my bb gun, breaking out old windows.
Saying strange things to people and leaving them confused in a stupor.
Singing loudly to 80's rock music, and on Halloween, being Alice Cooper!
Sitting all day with my Grandma and singing Gospel songs on her front porch. Shelling peas and shucking corn, drinking sweet tea and feeling the suns scorch.
Justin and I walking up to Wandas just so we could sneak a quick smoke.
On the balcony at Jeaninas, where I first tried pot and choked.
Stealing my Aunt Gail's Marlboro cigarettes.
A lot of adventurous teenage nights I never will forget.
That time Samantha and I stole Dads truck and went riding to the "club."
And then trying to park it back exactly how it was.
Laying in a bed of freshly raked October leaves, snowball fights with Dad, flying to Los Angeles with Dee.
My red-headed cousins who lived just across the railroad tracks, arguing with Wendy, and eating orange tic-tacs.
15 and driving without a license, making it back to Rison before getting us stuck...I bet Dustin still believes it was Megan driving that truck!
Swimming all night long in Aly Beths in-ground pool, making scary movies with Desi, skipping too much school.
My emo phase in '06 when I drastically dyed my hair black.
I remember when Lil Wayne was a lyrical genius, before he sold out and became wack!
Getting 6 stitches from falling across a rusty nail, accidentally kicking out Bre's bedroom window, and at recess, rolling down the hill.
Giving my money to the homeless, I still see sadness in their eyes.
And karma reimbursing me, paying me back in full each time.
Being a part of SALT, hanging out with Bro. Jon and Momma Ang.
I then thought my life was complete.
That I would always have good friends.
I recall the time Mama cursed at the wallpaper when she thought no one could hear.
And that time hunting in the woods when I intentionally aimed to miss that little deer!
All those happy Christmases with my Mom and my Dad, my 12th birthday party, the best one I ever had!
Each and every time my nieces and nephews have been born.
Unknowingly driving the wrong way, flipping cars off and beeping the horn.
At 16, I remember how I felt when my Step-Dad, Skip, first bought me
"Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge."
I still have and love that C.D.!
But for every single good memory, there are almost double the bad.
I just choose to focus on the brighter and better times I had.
I thought of so much and it mostly made me smile.
I've travelled really far, I've put down a lot of miles.
The next night, I had no trouble falling asleep.
It's just funny all of the memories that we keep.

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