The Nightmares Never Dilly-Dally

Beneath the surface of my skin ...
Within the basement of my brain ...
There lives a terrible madness,
that I cannot keep caged.

When the day disintegrates,
hell is on it's way.
The light to my lamp flickers,
as I sense him snicker.

My eyes close, craving sleep;
but the fear inside is quite unsettling ...
I'm fading, focusing on what could calm,
but once again I was wrong.

The dream buckles
as the gargoyle chuckles.
I cannot breathe ...
I begin to choke ...
as he begins to encroach.

All of a sudden,
the scene appears.
He is surrounded by some whom I know
and whoever else they have brought here.

They've got him tied to a single rope
and the sight is quite a scare.
He's wrapped in plastic.
His death shall be tragic.

He smiles smugly,
inching closer towards me;
but there's a shielded contraption draped over his face
and he is bleeding in the worst way.

Everyone now, drawing more weapons.
Another hammer cracks into his head,
but he still stands and walks swiftly;
inching closer and closer towards me.

The bloodshed is an eye sore,
the most grotesque of gore.
They drill into him more and more,
but he appears to be stronger than before.

I can hear the crushing to his skull
and he is still coherent.
Please continue this butchery,
before he gets his hands on me.

Thank you friends.

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