The Nonexistence Celestial Rose

I will ruin you, said Bill,
by leaving my fingerprints all over your crime seen
I hear no voices booing;
but then people without faces have no voices. . .
100,000 nonexistent hands applaud
and shout my name voting for me, in their way,
marching on to be killed.
No need! my own stone cold,
star-tall objective executioner
May I volunteer for the showers please.
My home will now be the clear blue sky
They go for fresh meat, fresh kill of self-murderers.
No, it was Dachau, It was once an artists colony
that was systematically starved by their neighbors
A colony with no country but humiliated Germany
putting all its bread—that’s right—not into bread
But The money for the excellent tanks, air force,
artillery manned post-the Great War.
Great War? Just wait. However,
we shall leave prognostication for
Another Generation even
sleepier than yours.
I will leave you with a clue.
There’s five of them new redcoats
for every one of you.

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