The Noose Around Your Neck

Even through the nights you nearly shattered me to bits-
I had the advantage
Your words are nothing, have always been nothing
You can barely fashion them into a blunt knife,
but only when you're feeling savage
Your silence is vicious, but your noise is empty and laughable
My words are daggers, my rage is what you feared most

I'll admit, you overwhelmed me
Like sunshine in my eyes, your love was blinding
You kissed my hands and softly touched my face
There was bliss in your arms and on your lips
But, foolishly, you needed me
You loved the noose around your neck
A liar, a snake burrowed in your soul

But you craved me
The Words, you loved them

I forged them into the sharpest of knives and gutted you with it
I guess you liked bleeding to death
I dare you to forget me

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