The Norm


The Norm
What was it like before the Corona virus?
Were we hiding feelings from ourselves?
Did this virus uncover realities?
Did we know, how paranoid we were?

Now masks hide insecurities,
People create shared experiences,
Like actors, play different roles,
Curling up into their souls,

Haunting memories of places,
Filled with smiling faces,
Now echoing emptiness,
Quiet, penetrating voids.

Missing children’s spontaneous laughter,
And cheers from roaring crowds,
Social affirmation disappears,
With silent playgrounds and stadiums.

Family ties cut by covid,
Generations out of touch,
The world slows down,
Were we going too fast?

What about our human rights?
All trampled on by a virus?
Health and safety overrides,
What happens after – the Norm?

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