The Note

Sometimes when I look in the mirror.
I wonder who's standing there in that picture.
I stare at it till my eyes start to flicker.
I dream I walk into that killer.

I close my eyes and I dream I'm in another life.
but, I start to scream and shake I'm so terrified.
If I knew it would've turned out this way I would have ended my life.
but, now I see I must fight, I cannot run this time.

I see time passing by like a bolt of lightning.
When I think about time the past is frightening.
Is this fight really worth fighting?
When the next day we may hear we are dying...

Do we really know how much time we really have?
Why don't you ask that person crying over their dad?
Now they didn't know how much time that they had.
but, they always thought they'd have a dad.

Now that the world has him mad.
He feels ripped off, he's been had.
Tearing through that photo album.
How's he gonna live without him?

Now he feels like he's drowning.
Smoking weed his only out and playing his Xbox, his favorite album.
Just trying to get through another day without him.

Doesn't want to accept that his father passed away.
Hoping that he would see him another day.
I just want to see a smile his wave or something.
Please send me a sign if you are out there...
Please don't tell me we pray for nothing...

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This Poems Story

A little glimpse into one of my personal experiences with life and death. If you would like to hear how I attempted it for a song here is the link...