The Note

One summer day, I took a walk just to clear my head
All the cares of this world were filling my heart with dread
As I walked along the path, something caught my eye
A piece of paper folded neatly, just for me to find
I thought of going home at first, but decided to sit instead
As I began to read the note, this is what it said:
Though the journey may be tough
never lose your faith
Remember I will never give you
more than you can take
Just believe and follow Me
and you cannot go wrong
You will have a happy life
until I call you home.
I couldn't believe what I had seen
but I knew that it was true
I walked home with a smile
and knew just what to do
I kissed my husband and my kids
and gave them all a hug
No matter what this life may bring
they will always have my love
As I lay in bed that night
I thought about the note
I thanked God for all His blessings
and for giving me new hope
Now when things get tough at times
I close my eyes and pray
I know that God is always there
as He was that dreadful day

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