The Nurse

The nurse knows everything
So it may seem to the public eye
But she, deep down inside, is afraid to harm
And not to heal the wounded soul
Whose darkest secrets in tales unfold
From the baby face woman softly cradling infant in arms
Childlike worldly eyes fill with her young life's tears
As she entrusts the stranger with her regrets
The nurse longs to help break the cycle of pain
To stop the infant in her arms from growing up
To be the next victim, abuser, a continuation of the chain
But the abuser will move on to new prey and
As the abused wilts away, fades, not missed
In a busy thoughtless world of people
Who do not know that She even exists
By society, her mother, her baby who grows
Into the next abuser, abused, and so it goes
Please, please, all of humanity must see
The cycle must be broken
And the words must be spoken
To save the child
Because if the nurse helps even one
Yes, the daughter or the son
Then the child might be safe
And the world, one day, we pray, a better place

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