The Oak and Dove

There was a dove who flew alone
through endless wind and rain.
Oft overlooked without a home
her life was filled with pain.

Until one day in periled flight
she glanced upon the land.
And like a beacon in the night
stood a tree in which to land.

She knew on many trips before
she passed this same tall oak.
Yet on this night, in another storm
she fell within his fold.

From the very moment she lit down
and felt herself take hold,
she knew a refuge she had found
within this rugged oak.

The oak himself was surprised to see
this dove upon his limb.
In gentle swoons he wrapped his leaves
to shield his new found friend.

And after all the rains had ceased
she stretched her wings in flight.
But through her days and in her dreams
she thought upon this night.

For now she had a place to land
when wind and storms made plight.
But she'd often stop to see her friend
even when her day was bright.

The oak would spend each passing day
just looking toward the clouds.
From root to limb his heart would race
when his dove came swooping down.

The rarest bond was with them there,
the truest love had formed.
A dove and oak, an unlikely pair
yet they wanted nothing more.

And then one day the dove sought rest
and it broke her heart to see
her rugged oak was drooped and bare
and the ground covered in his leaves.

Without her refuge her world was cold
and how a haven she did need!
And in distress she asked the oak
"What happened to your leaves?"

The oak replied in lowly tone
"I searched both day and night.
But hours apart, I feared you'd gone
forever from my sight."

Then said the dove in voice like silk
"Oak, you have to know by now
you are MY HOME and I never will
forsake your sturdy boughs!"

"Oh dove! But if you could forgive
my doubts in winters chill.
I only always want you here
and feel you ever near."

"My dearest oak, we have not long
until my toil in storm is done.
Then I'll return in happy song
and NEVER leave MY HOME!"

And so it was with an oak and dove
the spring brought green leaves forth.
Then came the day when she returned in love
and winter came no more.

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