The Obituary

I woke today to last night's sin, to feel this way how can you win
I drug my bones away from my bed as a passing thought entered my head
I crawled along across the floor and made my way to the kitchen door
It took forever to reach the step where the day's paper had been left
I swung it open to look and see if my name's there looking back at me
I read the paper from front to back; I can't believe my name it lacked
Another day in life I must live; how much more can one's soul give?
I know the devil will call again today. How much Lord must I pay
Until they add my name to the obituary?
Consciousness finds me wanting to scream; I hope it's all just a dream
Reality finds me still in a fight numbing my mind to feeling alright
In order to carry on one more day to wash the pain and sorrow away
Jack's swallowed chased with Coke; there's homegrown for taking a toke
Still I wonder is Armageddon here? I wade through Hell drinking a beer
I'll keep on till they cash in my deed and my name's on paper to read
Still, if the devil hasn't found a way we'll do it over the next day
Until they add my name to the obituary
My eyes are fuzzy; it's hard to see the land we call home of the free
A house on a hill calls the shots taking liberty and rights we got
Mind over matter, beat the pain, and test the water; everyone's insane
A world so cloudy stoned in the face; we must hold on to amazing grace
It's hard to live this life we got; someday we'll lose it ready or not
One thing I found perfectly clear: the end's coming it's almost here
Mornings I wake, the paper I read to see if a spot's reserved for me
These final words I wish to say are live life for God's good grace
Someday they'll add our names to the obituary

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