The Ocean

The ocean's waters shimmer like jewels,
Fish are swimming in many schools.
A fin of a shark pierces through the waves,
Under the ocean there are dark caves.
Legend says that mermaids live in oceans,
They stay down there admiring creations.
Silvery fish are shiny and gleaming,
The glowing ocean waters look like they're beaming.
Bright shells seem to be glistening,
Sharks stay alert, cautious and listening.
On the ocean, you can do many things,
Like sailing, surfing, and kayaking.
Dolphins, whales, and sharks too,
Swim under the ocean blue.
I think that the ocean is magnificent,
The beauty of seashells and oceans are equivalent.
The view of the ocean is just amazing,
On top of the waters the hot sun is blazing.
Many people say the ocean's the best,
To have this great gift, we are so blessed!

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