The Ocean

The ocean, the sun,
Come together as one.
Stand in weather fair
As the wind plays with my hair.
The rambunctious waves come licking at my feet,
During a dive for treasures, the tide I try to beat.
Crouch down in the sand awhile, watch my feet sink in.
Gaze at the shells before me, where do I begin?
As they tell their stories I sit for a little and listen.
The old washed away, the new provided in the shallow water glisten.
How I long to be cleansed by this salty, mysterious secret!
Oh tell me, tell me, tell me I beg. I want to feel it, be able to keep it.
Maybe that's why I'm mesmerized by this dazzling giver, this thief:
There's so much more than meets the eye. I long for what lies beneath.

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