The Ocean

Blackened clouds rolling in above as lady luck doth roll the dice
Delusions of grandeur spread across the skies, as sol doth entice
Bitter winds gathering force as stallions run rampant upon the sky
Hopes become fleeting as the albatross doth fly ever more high
Paradise beckons to part as mine iris gazes at an inner prison
A transparent veil hath parted as the gates of a cage hath arisen
Drowning within the seething oceans, battered and defeated
Tides of ruination are overhead, breath by breath, am I cheated?
Melodies of maladies impregnate the ears with chaotic deception
Songs of sorrows shed beneath the waves, lost to one's perception
Patterns beginning to form as one begins to fade into the deepens
Hallucinations within the darkness as thy soul begins to weep
Wake dear child! Gilded sands are beneath thy broken flesh
Sol shall greet those shattered and torn, as lights doth mesh
Brilliant radiant lights doth swarm blinding eyes now reborn
Elpis hath granted reality in hope, never more shall ye mourn

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