The ocean between us

You and i are like two drops,
Of water in the ocean,
Just Looking for each other.
We are in constant motion,
But we can't locate our position
Wondering around the world,
Just looking for each other.
The ocean is full of salt,So are we,Full of solitude.
Searching for our destination isn't easy,
We are tired of this constant journey.
We are like sun and moon,
We can meet at dusk and dawn,
But we can't stay together all day along.
As time passes by,
The farther we move
We don't know whether it's towards,Or away from home.
But with every passing second,
Our need for each other grows,
It doesn't matter how hard we try,At the end,
We are back to the first page,
Wondering around,Just looking for each other
And now, We just try to meet each other because,
We can't give up an each other,
Although it's not in our destiny to be together
We still can't stop loving each other.

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