The ocean we never saw

Smell the breeze of salty
touch the grace of moonlight
listen to the feelings of mermaids
who would sing you a darling rhythm

Join the cruise of the swimming dolphins
who would welcome you to the new world
the deeper you go, the deeper you see
the wonder of the ocean, under the sea

The creepy old ships, full of danger
where hungry sharks, waiting for dinner
beware, they guess whose their guest
to slice you into pieces of grands

Have you ever seen a flower garden in the ocean
spreading throughout the ocean, just like a virus
dancing to the chorus, in the finest movements
it is the nice old corals, for which we quarrel

All the fishes are happy everyday
they would rock together and roll forever
and would say, not like the princess in the huge palace
we have the best feast down here, in the nice corals.

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