The sun kissed water beckoned me with its promise of hope.
I reached out to the water as it bathed me with confidence and positivity.
The water made me feel alive and worthy.
I rested my head upon the ripples as I gazed into the azure sky.
Things were becoming sunny and warm with euphoria as it washed over me like rain.
A shadow slithered in front of the sun casting a shadow on half of my face.
It was a stray, lonely cloud that drifted above me as if it wanted to join me and the water, but instead the cloud changed and turned water against me.
The angry stone colored cloud made water rage with fury.
Water's waves wrapped around me as I struggled to rise above it.
My body grew weak and weary with every breath and every struggle.
I could give up and let the water take my soul, but why give up on me.
I fought with water until it gave in with defeat.
Water pushed me to the salty shore.
The salty shore greeted me with a smile.
Festivities flowed upon the shore with a never-ending celebration.
I seen familiar faces laughing and dancing.
The shore was pure bliss and joy and I was the thorn in its sand.
I reached out my hand hoping the familiar faces would pull me out of water.
They continued to smile and laugh as they reached for my trembling hand. Salty shore gave the friendly faces something that I couldn't compare.
Their grips become weak as they slowly released me back into water.
Water embraced me back into it, then in return I embraced water.
Cloud no longer was gray, it was traced with a shimmering glow.
Cloud drifted towards sun to say hello.
Cloud let sun share light with me and water.
Cloud said goodbye as it disappeared into azure sky.
Sun whispered into my ear while filling me with a hopeful life.
Sun helped me shine when my light was dim.
I knew that water and cloud were not my enemies.
They worked together to make me strong.
Cloud showed me that storms can arise out of nowhere and can cause turbulence.
Water showed me how to fight through the storm, even though I feel like giving up on me.
Shore showed me that I have to heal myself and never rely on others to heal me.
Sun showed me that after a stormy day with the crashing waves and the shore full of people too consumed in their own lives to save me, that I can survive anything as long as I look to the light and and never give up on me.

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Key Words : Inspiration, hope,life,depression, strength,faith,storms,friends,family,self love,self worth,

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This Poems Story

This poem tells a story of a unique soul that is struggling with everything that life keeps dishing out. The struggle of sanity becomes harder as they try to hold on to the little bit of hope they have. Their family and friends are living in their own world full of good days too busy to notice their loved one is drowning and needs saving, but they never realized that their loved one doesn\'t need their help they are strong enough to help themselves and use everything life threw at their way. They use life\'s obstacles to help build their hope up. It eventually makes them stronger than ever before.