The Ode to the Great Eye

When you're in a place
all attention is on you.
As if you commanded the attention of all without a single peep.
When I watch you
It is as if i'm in a trance.
I see you walk your walk
a walk that is so graceful,
small but powerful strides
with breast to the air head tilted back
as if a king were to walk in with a crown.
But as I look closely
I see you with hues of blues and greens,
a symbol of beauty and glory
but when threatened
you don't attack or show a sign of fear
you unleash your fan
and behold a sea of eyes floods the scene.
Your ever so great as the sun shine upon you
your royal blue coat glisten away
And as its time for you to speak
You let of a mighty wail,
that is echoed throughout and can be heard from village to village
oh the great eye
oh the great one
The mighty powerful beauty
A peacock you are.

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