The Office-Outing

With reference to their annual office outing
Duly organized in order to replenish
The depleted stocks of humanity:

The subordinates, arriving at their earliest convenience,
Parade the lounge in prim trousers
Conscientiously ironed to reprimand
The insubordinate edges of prolonged penury.

With well-timed spontaneity,
The executives fix generous drinks for the commoners
With a view to balancing the tilted scale of equality.
The arranged brotherhood bubbles in beer and brandy.

The liquor warms the administrative arteries
Chilled in response to economic slumps, sensitive markets, labour disputes and iced-coffee;
And dilates the managerial veins
Clogged with red-tapes, diplomatic ties, cellular nodes and cholesterol.
They weave the annual web of fellowship
With glistening strands of music, humour and mimicry.
Armed with cigarettes and mutton-chops,
The low-rankers trespass the treacherous margins of familiarity.
Time spins in drunken frenzy.

The tipsy team-spirit groans in the cold wind.
Let’s hurry. The car doors thud and the engines snigger
And the seated bureaucracy waves and smiles.
An indignant sun hurriedly leaps the red line
In anticipation of an early rising
To be in office,
To preside over the global village.

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This Poems Story

It's about the exploitation of workers and a cunning attempt to pacify them. This is written imitating the jargon of an official letter.