The Old Man and the Angel

I once flew, an angel though sky, soaring and gliding
The world in my eye.
Until one day a net was thrown on me, and I fell to the earth
And smashed in the sea.
The waves I created crashed to the shore, and the damage I did
Shook earth to the core.
My wings wet and ruined, fell off my back, and the sun in the sky
Faded to black
Along came a fisherman, as I shivered by sea, he gathered my wings
But didn't take me.
I watched this old man, pin up my wings, and people all around
Paid to see these grand things.
The man now rich, needed my wings no more, so he took them back out
And left them on shore.
I, still there, remember they didn't want me, I gathered my wings
And returned to the sea.
I could no longer fly, the rich old man didn't care, after all
He never wondered about air.
Me, still alone dreamt of the free, but somewhere inside
I was glad I could help the old man
And I suppose so was he.

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