The Old Man, the Angle and the Lost Boy


I begin to violently walk, and in utter pain; I stroll,
From the depths of my darkness, I have reluctantly ascended!
"I see this cretinous old man, and I hate; his very existence!"
" I am envious that he grows old, my youth; is so terribly offended!"
I crossed the blackened paved street, only one thing; in sight!
I yell at him, with fire in my heart; “I am lost old man!"
I rudely asked his advice, "Do you know where I belong?"
"Old man, answer me damn it; tell me if you can?"
"I just want to feel alive, not like this; not this way!"
"Slowly I wither, to dirt and dust; death is the only thing I can hear!"
"The Reaper knocks often, and so loud; yet His game I must play!"
The old man lifts his tired head; his bones ache!
As tears fall to an ending; the old man begins to speak!
"Young man all of us are lost my son; until we find our path!
"No one has taken time to love you, to guide you; you see only wrath!"
The boy screams a scream, heard in the deepest parts of the abyss!
" Death has paid my toll old man; you know nothing about me old man!"
"Only the good survive, this evil place kills off the boys of madness!"
"I am not good, nor is; the ugly road I am headed down old man!"
" I am 15 and my tears scream in agony; but no one cares to listen!"
"I am broken, I ascended to loathing; then descended to indifference!"
" I am a burden, a cancerous stench; that lives in the shadows of sorrow!"
" I am nothing to anyone, and to everyone; not even a glance!"
The young man reflects on his life; his wrenching of faith and hope!
There is a burning of his holy unwanted cross; its fires are hot and mighty!
The young man finds joy in nothing; happiness is omitted from everything!
The footsteps of Black Death follow him; he cannot set himself free!
The caring old man, his heart brakes for this weary and lost soul!
“My son, my beautiful son, your tears are so deep I am drowning!"
The distraught boy falls to his knees; shoulders go forward with despair!
Limp as a Mom, who has just lost her child; death's horse is galloping!

The old man rest his wrinkled and fragile hands; upon the young boy!
He kneels carefully before him, both are uncertain of anything right now!!
" You are loved boy, I love you; God and all the Angels love you!"
" Yet death is always waiting, its grotesque; yet can be beat somehow!"
" You must fight, continue to always fight; need to find what is not true!"
"Stupid old man, you speak of joy and truth; this is nothing but nonsense!"
" Joy of life fills your lungs with many breaths; pain is not yours!"
" I could be loved like you, remembered like you; owning something deeper!
“Tragedy struck me early, death knocked hard and constant; cruel sadness cheers!
" This is not my life old man, something has gone wrong; so very wrong!"
" I only contemplate darkness; I am immersed in a gathering of hatred!"
" Jealous of you I am old man, I will not find another hated day ahead!"
The boy leaps to his feet, rage is felt in the air; death is now making his bed!
The old man is helpless, boy homeless; he yells out loud for the boy to stop!
“Stop my boy, stop; come back and I will help you find your way!"
The boy runs so fast, not sure if he is running from or to death?
The old man's wobbling head falls in silence;" another soul gone astray!"
The youth trembles in fear, ignoring the old man's cries to stop!
Faster and faster he goes, “I want to silence the old man's words!
The boy ignores his wanting to stop; headed to a dismay of tragedy!
“I want to trick death out of my life; but I am foolish; I am hopeless!"
A gray and shadowy figure follows, “I see you Reaper; try and find me?"
Just then, a hand reaches out to assist the old man to his feet!
The old man looks up, this lass has a radiant glow; the old man is blinded!
“Thank you my child!" "You are welcome father." The old man is in shock!
“You, you are my daughter, who the world cruelly took away years ago!"
She smiles, as her wings light up the entire darkness; of the old man’s world!
The old man weeps, the old man is strengthened with tears of joy,
His illumination is seen over the horizon; even by the brightest stars!
"Cheryl Diane, I have missed you so long; why did you leave me?"
" Oh Father, I never left you, you think of me often; with joy and love!"
" Your heart and soul, my memory; helps your heart beat within thee!"
" Did you see where the boy went, are we able to follow; find his shadow?"
" Walk with me Dad, I shall take your weary bones home; to a final rest!"
" But the boy, his anguish and his pain; remind me of my lonely youth!"
" I tried Cheryl, can you talk to God and save him; he has fallen from his nest?"
" Dad, God has whispered in the ears of his abusers; to stop the hurt!"
" They do not listen; an evil power feeds their selfish and greedy hearts!"
" The boy has seen only death, only abandonment; he feels unloved!"
" Then we must find him, let your wings take us; let us go and love him!"

" Father, your heart has always been great; mountains for me you moved!"
" I used to be him, my hatred for life; ran as deep as my love for death!"
" Yes I know Father, when I died; I was given sight into your horrible pain!"
" Yet you always taught me, change the world; help everyone and be kind!"
" You are the reason for these wings Father, always my umbrella; during the rain!"

" You showed me to love Dad, how to cherish memories; a lesson never forgotten!"
" Your hand was always there for me, even when I did not want it!"
" You were my miracle, then I became God's miracle; you are my muse Daddy!"
The old man's face lights up, his heart cries with laughter!" Pain does exit!
The boy is running, yet he does not know where; he is so foolishly going!
" I care for nothing, nothing cares for me; I am dead down deep inside!"
" World, tear at my flesh more; so that I no longer can feel anything!"
" Rip open my universe, let it bleed into oblivion; my last blissful ride!"
The youth is tortured, by what has been done to him; and his high hopes!
He runs for miles and miles, so raggedly tired; but he cannot stop running!
" Why don't they love me, why do they hate me; why do they hurt me?"
" I hope they burn, I hope misery is their last and only feast!"
" They taught me to loath, to suffer with pain; I am so unswervingly angry!"
The old man and Angelic daughter, finally reach his home; the end!
They share a smile, a glance; a lifetime of memories that were created!
"Thank you Cheryl my daughter, I am safe now; be on your way my child!"
She kisses her dad on the forehead, then whispers;" in Heaven you will be seated!"
The old man ponders the day; his thoughts and heart race fearlessly!
“I hope he is safe, I hope he finds love; I hope I hope!!!"
The old man, slowly walks into the kitchen; making his favorite dinner!
A ham sandwich, Cheryl's favorite cookies; milk and cantaloupe!
As he sits in his favorite chair, the boy still resonates within him!
He turns on the news, waiting to see something good; in this lost world?
Yet, the news starts with the death of a family; slayed by betrayal!
“News flash, News flash!" Into a hostage situation, we are hurled!!
" Hi Laura, give us an update; how many hostages are there?"
" We believe they're 9 hostages, held by a young man; with a loaded gun!"
" He has already killed 2, with promises to kill the rest by midnight!"
" He held a sign up minutes ago, reading; all this carnage is so damn fun!"
" He is believed to be 15 years old, alone; that is all we know at this time!"
" The swat team is about to move in, before more hostages are forever taken!"
" You can see the youth, he is surrounded; he has nowhere to go!"
"There must be at least 40 cops, snipers ready; the entire town is awakening!"

" Do we know why he is doing this, who he is; where he comes from?"
" NO, police have tried to talk with him; the only response they get!"
" I will kill everyone, I will kill everyone; I will kill everyone!"
" It is a scary scene, can only end in death; then more death I am afraid!"

“Wait, the police are starting to move in; before it is too late!"
The old man drops his glass of milk; he moves to the edge of his chair!
The old man weeps, he sobs; to the point of suffocating!
As he catches his breathe, he screams; “I KNOW WHY! I KNOW WHY!"
" Someone forgot to love him, forgot to cherish him; they just forgot him!"
The old man falls to his knees!" Father, why have you forgotten him; WHY?"
" MY son, as his Father; I have fought for him every day of his life!"
" I whispered and at times yelled, in the ears of his parents; please remember him!"
" Not all my children listen, not all obey; not all will be saved!"
" I have carried him, through his darkest hours; I will soon carry him home!"
" His path was unseen, his pain blinded him to Me; by man he was betrayed!"
" My son, your tears are magnificent to me; you make this Father proud!"
" In your beginning, heart was cold; your hatred paralleled to his hatred!"
" Even after I took your wife and daughter, to do my work; you did no falter!"
" Then you spent your life loving, helping and honoring; the gift I gave you!!"
" Your kindness was seen, by my most beautiful Angels; by your Father!"
“I am only a humble servant Father, who am I; to question your needs?"
The old man rises, his eyes and mind set on the actions before him!
The wind grows unsteady, the air thick with loss of life; unwanted death!
The Angels pray before God, the harps play; then the Angels sing a Heavenly hymn!
The camera man's hands shaky, the lens focused; what will happen next?
There is mumbling, chaos set in motion; Angel of death ready’s his great steed!
God weeps, he knows his children will soon suffer much pain; God is sad!
The moon is already stained with spilled blood; for all those who will bleed!
Then the shots ring out, like a crying baby; hungry for his Mother's milk!
Panic strikes those who watch, the chaos smothered in fear of the unknown!
As the police run to the building, their guns ready; steady for the kill!
The young man is seen, he comes running through the door; the boy is alone!
The police fire into his young body, flesh melting from the stinging of bullets!
You can hear the boy scream, “I will kill all of you, all of you shall feel my pain!"
He is sobbing, his neglected existence is taken; the Angels and God weep!
His body falls, cries stop; his blood pours out all over the dark pavement!
The feeling of silence deadly, pain felt in the universe; from the Heavens not a peep!

The old man is stunned, into disbelief; the cameraman hits auto record!
The news reporter is speechless, the snipers guns; lay close beside them!
The wind grows freakishly cold, the leaves stand still; the stars go in hiding!
The moon stops shining, the air too thick for a breath; Heaven is in pain!
Yet there is God, no more tears falling; Angel of death no longer kept waiting!

The officers, the paramedics, the firemen all rush in to assist the hostages!
One lone police women, walks over to the young man; she kneels down!
The boy struggles, to say one last thing; the officer moves in closer!
“Mommy, can you and Daddy see me now?" Tragedy, hit's this small town!
The old man can't move, can't speak; his heart is broken and shattered!
He sits back, eyes peeled on the television; until he looks up to his Father!
There is his little Angel, she gently picks up her Father; in her Angelic arms!
Her wings are elegant, her smile full of bliss; she takes him to her Mother!
The Angel of Death carefully holds fallen hostages; they enter the gates!
They are released, into the hands of Christ; our beloved Savior!!
The Angels are in awe, God's mercy is great; they bow and pray at His feet!!
Mother Mary is there, to wipe away their tears; all the Heavens praise Her!
A thousand miles away, two of God's children; about to have their first child!
The Mother screams in pain, as her mate holds her hand tightly in comfort!
The doctor gives one last order, “Push hard and we will see your new son!!"
The new Father to be, he is so strong; yet the mother so much stronger!
They await God's miracle, they are devoted to loving this child; God has won!
In His Almighty brilliance, just as he promised; God lifts the boy and carries him!
“I am sorry you were forgotten my child, I love you; and this be your gift!"
God gently places the soul of the lost and forgotten child; in His new son's body!
Just then, the new Mother gives birth to her baby boy; the Heaven's sing!
“You will never be forgotten, by your new parents my Son; be loved and find joy!"
The Angels again, are in awe of our Father's wisdom; they begin to pray!
The lone woman officer, touched by this boy’s death; she begins her own journey!
She now volunteers, at a troubled teen facility; with 20 of her fellow officers!
She will have a baby of her own, in 11 months; she will love that child completely!
Our Father, so loved the world; He gave is only Son!
So that we could be forgiven; so His love would conquer all!
So that he would perform miracles; from the hatred of man!
From His love we shall learn, From the ashes, we shall all rise!
Kenneth Ritch

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