The Old School Bully


The bully in school is a person who we all dread. We
all would go the other way when we saw them instead.
They would pick on kids they thought were weak, mainly
doing things like considering you some kind of geek.
They would take your lunch money and threaten to beat
you up, instead you would give it to them usually
without a fuss. Then one day comes around when you have
had enough, because you are not taking no more of this
bully's stuff. You stand him up in front of his friends
making him feel embarrassed and ashamed, from then on,
the bully sees you in school, and now believes that you
are really cool. It gave you pride that you stood up
for yourself, now all your friends wonder what else is
ahead in school, after solving the bully's problem
while breaking the school's fighting rules. In our
schools, we fought with our fist and outsmarted them
with our wits. It made some kids find a way to stand
up for themselves one way or another. You may not
agree with me about what I say about bullies, but they
have been around through out all our cities and towns.
The bullies along with the paddle are taken out of the
schools, to be replaced with cops and the iron rules.
Most of our school kids feel there is no consequence to
being bad; I wish like us when they go to the principal
office where we used to get paddled, when we got out
we couldn't even sit on a rocking horse saddle.

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