The Old VS. The New

Lions, tigers, and bears, Oh my!
Turns into…
Rainbows, hummingbirds, and butterflies, Oh my!
For one young woman who is now glad to be alive
Once upon a time…
A young woman prayed up to God
She felt so lost
Nevertheless, she felt His Love touch her heart
She was so amazed
At the connection between one person and this higher power
She wanted to tell the World
God talks to you alone in your heart and soul
Not a group of people or the whole World in general
She felt the need to spread a message
Of Love’s horizon beyond the walls of her bedroom
But she used to never go out
She was shut down with fear
And her body was in shock
She was not stuck here
The World still loved her
She just needed to go ahead and re-join it
With brighter minds saying I am different
Constantly changing in every moment
And growing into beautiful individuals
So she says, whoa World, lookout!
Here comes a woman that’s remade to reach the Love in your heart

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