The one

Never did i know i would miss you this much
theres so many signs on this earth
i just wont give up on you and your gentle touch
I need you in my life.
Never once have you left my racing mind
Im in a love of shame situation
And that is where my thoughts intertwine.
People say i can do better
But for that i disagree for they are blind
For your love has me locked in a fetter
And i never will be able to leave.
No one one Earth can understand how i feel
they thing its strange and fooloish of me
But all i know is that my love for you is real.
And i want to tell you, but i just cant.
Im waiting for the right one
And i believe you are him
Because i can be in a room with a bunch of men, a ton
and my heart would lead me straight to you.
We are ment to be i know this as a fact
For all the symbols and troubles we faced
We made it out as a pact.

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