The One

The beginning of life thought of as birth
A child is born, being the first
Into a world, with friend and foe
A mother's thoughts, which way will he go?
She nurtures this child with love and concern
She prays each day kind lessons he will learn
This child of love grows into a man
Departs his mother's home, her heart in his hand
Try as she may to direct his life
Her only son, the love of her life
His world has replaced, with the passing of time
A deeper love, with which he is entwined
Work and a family he puts first
The heart of his mother is ready to burst
Kindness and attention is not each day
He visits her occasionally, just on the way
Years have passed; time has taken its toll
Her son realizes his mother has grown old
Her walk is much slower, her hair is so grey
Time flies by.oh, for yesterday
In my mother's eyes, tears roll down
Words from her lips, there is no sound
No greater love than a mother's for her son
I thank God I was the one!

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