The One

He says I am the one
He spends his time away from me
Leaving me in despair
Yet he says I am the one

He doesn't respond to my calls, he calls when he likes
Yet he says I am the one

He doesn't share or care
Hell, I would gladly accept a wee bit of concern
Like showering of gold dust from angels up above
Making me glow from top to toe
But all I get is deafening silence
Yet he says I am the one

Someone please ask me
What it feels like to be "the one"
And i shall tell you that it feels
Like walking on fire, jumping off a cliff
Swimming in a stormy sea, fighting for your life
And dying everyday, only to be resuscitated the next day
And fighting once again to breathe, to be loved, to smile

Ask me how it feels like
To be "the one"
And I shall say
I want to be someone's everyone.

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