The One

Bullets exploding grenades impaling
The man beside him screams out in agony
Cradling and comforting him while he takes his last breath
Never knowing this stranger beside him would be laid to rest
So young so naive never knowing what will be
Enemies attacking Angels soaring out of the sky
Jumping into the landing zone never knowing if he will live or die
Ready for the battle of his life
M-16s blazing shrapnel bursting in the sky
Paralyzed with pain of feeling he's being eaten and ripped open alive
Holding on to any faith he closes his eyes and thanks the heavens
That he was not laid to rest
So much courage and pride unnoticed protecting the man by his side
So much ill support back home left many honorable men feeling alone
The battle is gone but the fight, pain and suffering has just begun
He battles with the urge to exit life using his own gun
Day after day his wounded inner strength being a test
Staring at the VA Hospital walls caving in
Wandering if he should have been laid to rest
Night terrors become overwhelming
His escape from his dark dwelling is drowning himself in poisons
Killing himself slowly hoping numbness will be all he feels
Wanting his seen and unseen scars not to be real
Decorated a hero The Purple Heart being one
But all awhile wishing and hoping of being laid to rest
Now knowing that he should have been the one

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