The One At Fault

I just stopped,indecisive ,imprudent.
Callous and careless like a bawdy student .
Laying lazy like a mastiff on a summers day
Wishing the indiscreet love affair would stay.
Prejudiced, non-rational, rolling eyes , blinking.
Blurred vision, paced heart ,irrelevant thinking.
Parcel and part of the rigid lifestyle.
The sickness of the mind, caused by the bile.
Of all the acquisitions, none were of concern.
Wasn’t my duty to answer back in return.
I had a different proposition ,a propaganda;
A lengthy rented diary full with in vain stanza.
But what stops you ,and what does it takes?
Why wouldn’t you, when the whole world fakes?
I did what I could to make it feel half- right,
But what’s wrong is wrong and comes to bite.
And slowly the cause and infliction became clear.
It was I and none, the one at fault,oh! dear.
“Do you regret it?”, asked she, my juvenile niece.
I said that I sit , I sing, I slumber but not in peace.

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