The One – For Cory and Lizbeth

By Alexis   

Is it the way.. he looks at you and makes your heart flutter?
Or is it the way.. she smiles and you melt like butter?
Is it the way you both have been there for each other?
Or is it the way, you both give love, not just any love, but that agape love to one another
Don't let anyone ruin what you have built together.
There are storms to be weathered.. together.
Trials and Tribulations to destroy and sever.. together.
Whenever, however... forever..
What does it actually mean to find "The One"?
To know that, for life, your search for love is done.
When God brings two souls together, it's for a reason, never meant to be undone.
He takes his time, preparing one another for each other, so his plans for us can take off and run..
But to appreciate where your going, you have to remember where you came from.
So you don't make the same mistakes again and again, on this final run..
So that those generational curses don't try to curse another one of God's perfect Unions.
Do you know why the term is referred to as "The One"?
From this moment in your life, it's no longer "Me" but "We"..
It's no longer I but "My family"..
You plan your future, eat, and sleep together
You pray, live, and take vows to spend the rest if your life together...
And you want to know what's even better?
If you choose, You can procreate little ones that carry on YOUR legacy forever...
It is you decide to do out of life..
You can do it together as Husband and Wife.
So congratulations Liz and Cory..
Enjoy the rest of your lives, together, AS ONE in perfect harmony..
I love you guys..

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This is a wedding poem I wrote for two special people in my life on their special day. #GreatScotts #ShotsForScotts