The One for me, The One I Love

His eyes, his smile, his voice, oh...I can't forget about that smile.
He makes me laugh, he's funny in ways most people think not,
They may hate him and somethin' goin' on.
He's one of my pals I call him my buddy, he's taller than me,
But...oh I don't care...He's my type!
We talk all the time, id'e say like...more than three hours.
He plays GTA, one of my favorite games,
unlike most men..he doesn't get carried away!
And I like that...
I can't get mad at him..if I do id'e smile right at him and forget all about it.
He's to sweet to be mad at, the only way I could ever get mad at him is...well...
If he disappears from me...
Yes I get jealous but i'm a girl who doesn't.
I don't mind girls talk to him, but..if one girl happens to date him..
Well that's okay ill still love him forever and always.
His name you shall ask?
Well it's quite a cute name,
It was given to him when he was a baby,
I liked to say..his name is Devon

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