The One I Love

The one I love
Every day, night, I'm not with you
The one I love:
I can't get you out of my head
You're always in my mind, I can't sleep
Until I cry
Crying over the one I love, you
You and your blue eyes
Bluer than the sky
Deeper than the ocean
I drowned in them, Waiting for you
But I know now, I know that we can never be
For your heart belongs to another
Love is a one way street, With mine leading to hell
Burning so deep inside my heart
With the roses bursting to flames
Dying, dead, red turning to black
The firefighting the rain
While both succeed in containing and controlling me
Because I know there is no way to stop
No way to stop me from loving you
For the roses to stop burning
And for the fire to stop fighting the rain
I know now that we cannot be
No matter how long and bright I burn
I'm just another star in your sky for you to gaze upon
Soon to blend in with the rest
And to burn out, to extinguish, then I'll no longer be in your mind

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