the one me

"the one me"

I am the withered rose petal,
the dusty brim, the calloused hand,
- the corroded red metal, the reapers grim, the ship unmanned
I am the whisper of truth, the answer why,
the profound look
- the inability to soothe, the silenced cry,
the burning book
I am the wind blown bag, the falling love,
the tapping rain
- the coroners used tag, the single dove,
the reliable pain
I am the slow approaching cloudiness,
the blind flight, the grouping fish
- the not readiness, the tiny might,
the broken wish
I am the look before death, the iced flame, the beaten heart
- the drowning breath, the decidedly untame, the cracking apart
I am the one handed clock, the hidden fee, the greenish blue
- the abandoned dock, the one me,
the many you

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