The One to Blame

That white telephone stared at me the whole day,
As I sat waiting and waiting
For a call that never came.
I told myself that I was done;
That I wasn't going to sit here and play these games.
He was messing with my head,
And he's the one to blame.
All day I sat on that couch,
Imagining the sound of that white telephone ringing,
Wishing that at some point, it'd actually happen.
After the sun went down,
And I still received no call,
I got up and walked to that white telephone,
And dialed his number to give him a piece of my mind.
My heart beat fast as the cold white phone touched my ear,
But after a few seconds, I realized there was no ring.
I looked around and saw the blame was on me.
I grabbed the loose white cord and plugged it in.
Quickly, a smile formed on my face from ear to ear,
As the lady in the white telephone spoke:
"You have three missed calls."

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