The One Who Cannot Speak

There was once born a man,
As one who can not speak but can,
Hear the world’s delights.
More than any; he can hear,
All the birds in their flights.
At first he was filled with fear.

Once he would boast,
“I can hear better than most!”
Later then,
When his friends needed him,
Came mother hen,
To talk sense on a whim.

She boxed his ears,
And came ringing and tears.
“I’m sorry mother!”
Sobbed a poor young soul.
To comfort came his brother,
Filling in the big hole.

But then came the gray,
Lightning bolted to the midway!
“Come inside!”
Screamed the twister.
To the seller a man went to hide,
From the noise so sinister.

But in the morning,
The birds were finished mourning.
Why cry, when we can fly!
The man heard the chirping;
He listened breathlessly.
At the end of a storm, the birds will always sing.

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