The Ones Who Never Came

she ran away in the darkness,such darkness that became her friend
she wanted to find a way out,to call for help but she was alone
she was the only one left that could help herself,she chose to die
she died inside,giving up everything,giving up her saneness

she laughed at the wall,seeing no color but darkness,she was mental
she had no one to save her,it was too late for her to be saved
they call her the freak,the freak with no friends
she was the freak of nature, but really a broken girl

she wanted to again die,this time for real,to be nothing
nothing to hold on to,nothing to live for,nothing to give
she walked old train tracks,hoping they would once again run
she would lay there,hoping for one to come but never

she would have nightmares as she slept,falling to her death
endless death, she would watch memories go by
memories of anger, depression, insults, abuse, never a happy ending
she hit the bottom of the fall but never did she wake

she looked at the light,smiling as she thought she was free
but she was once again pulled into the darkness
she was found on the train tracks and brought back to life
she only cried and said kill me for darkness is my home

but never did they give into her endless cry's
she only stared at a white wall day by day
thinking and talking to the darkness in her head
she gave a grin as her eyes turned black
she was overtaken by darkness that was within her soul

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