The Only One For Me

Baby I love how you're looking at me,
Like I'm the only woman you want to see,
I want to be the only one you need,
Anytime your around it gets harder to breathe,

Your laugh your smile your kiss,
All I feel is pure bliss,
When I wake up your face is all I want to see,
I will be everything you want me to be,

All I can do is watch you sleep by my side,
If you hadn't came into my life I would have died,
You're my sun my moon my air,
You were the first to care,

With your hand in mine,
You make my heart shine,
I can't help but smile when your around,
Darling you wear a crown,

No matter what you will always be my king,
You're always in my dreams,
I vow to respect and honor you till the day we die,
No matter how hard it is you make me wanna try,

I know I don't deserve a man like you,
You make me feel I can do anything I want to do,
As long as you're by my side,
I know we can fly,

Darling I'm so proud to be yours for the rest of our life,
I absolutely love being your wife,
The kids are getting big and strong,
We will be here to help them along,

The life we have built together,
Could never be severed,
We both got the love,
God sent us from above,

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